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Journey of King William III

One Beagle's Quest to Kick Cancer's Arse

Day Six: Who needs the fourth leg anyhow?

Filed under: Recovery — tresbeagles at 12:53 am on Friday, September 21, 2012

Hello all – My mom got the camera out today to show everyone my progress, so this will be a visually heavy blog entry (even with its first movie!).

First, I’m doing so much better without that bloody patch.  I’m much calmer today, and have slept like a champ.  When Izzy and Henry went to the park with the dog walker, I got some QT in the backyard alone under the watchful eye of Louie and Charles while they were working on my deck.

When Izzy and Henry got back, we all decided to take an afternoon snooze.  I’m sleeping much better now that the patch is off,  and the pain is diminishing.  As you can see, Henry likes to sleep with me, which hurt right after the surgery, but today I didn’t mind it as much.

When I wanted to stretch out, I kicked Hanky Pants off my bed and he went over to snooze with Izzy with a brief stop to shread an envelope.

After our snooze, we got dinner (and I’m doing just fine eating it on all three legs), and then we went out to inspect our new deck.  Mom took advantage of the chance to take a video of my new strut (which is turned to the side because my mom can’t figure out how to change it – she’s technologically challenged sometimes).

WB Post Op

All together, a smashing sixth day post-surgery.  We may find out the results of the tests on my offending paw pad tomorrow.  I’m rather nervous, but I figure it’s best to know what we’re up against and get the chemo party started.

Until tomorrow,












   grandma godfrey

September 21, 2012 @ 1:21 am   Reply

Wow Will, what a difference a couple of days makes! You look marvelous-in my best Billy Crystal accent! I got the movie to play once-and it was right side up. Of course I tried to get it to play again and it said loading for about 5 minutes. I’ll try again. The deck looked good too! When you were walking on the deck, couldn’t tell anything had changed! Keep up the good work! Grannie



September 21, 2012 @ 1:47 am   Reply

Hmmmmmm…Will, are you sure you only have three legs??? Because I sure couldn’t tell from that video! Will Beagle, I believe you might be a bit of a rock star!!!



September 21, 2012 @ 11:06 am   Reply

Wow!!! I am suitably impressed with your recovery!!! You are such a scene stealer!! Even the impish Prince Henry can’t upstage you – although I see he tries. The countdown is on for the cone – hooray!! Uncle George and the rest of the beagles are very proud of you and your pawrents – they made a lot of difficult decisions on your behalf and have been with you throughout the trying recovery phase. We are thinking very positive for the results … no matter what – cancer won’t stop you. Hugs to all the CA beagles!


   belles mom

September 21, 2012 @ 12:14 pm   Reply

Wow what a handsome boy. Thanks for sharing the pictures and video, it is amazing to me how quickly they adjust. Belle is day 3 post op, still a little shaky, but doing so much better. I showed her William’s video, it inspired her to go out and lay on the pool deck 🙂



September 21, 2012 @ 4:36 pm   Reply

You’re looking so good Will!

I hear lots of people say that once the crazy painkiller patch is gone, they start to feel soooo much better. I’m glad you are too. I can see it in your hop!

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